Wholistic Living Community

A kinship of wellbeing for all through joyful service
in the spirit of goodwill

Wholistic Living Community

A kinship of wellbeing for all through joyful service
in the spirit of goodwill

Co-creating Portals within Earth and Heaven


Wholistic Living Community is a consciousness, focused, regenerative, multigenerational kinship for integrated living in landscaped spaces aligned with natural processes and rhythms.
A harmonious and healthy pathway for living on the land.

Hans-Gunther on Wildhart Radio:

“In this episode of Tablehurst Life, host Richard speaks with biodynamic gardener and teacher Hans Gunter Kern. They explore revitalizing biodynamic and traditional farming methods to make them relatable and accessible. How can farms engage more with local communities? What is our responsibility towards the land? Tune in for an insightful dialogue on moving beyond old paradigms to bring wisdom into modern contexts. Hans discusses biodynamics, community involvement in farms, taking responsibility for land, and bringing traditional agriculture practices into the mainstream.”

“Hans Gunther & Inge return to the show to update us on their explorations with Bracken Fern – it’s nature and natural control and use of this plant in Ashdown Forest “

“Hans-Gunther and Inge join Natasha on the show to discuss the nature of Bracken Fern in the Forest – how we can find alternative ways to embrace or restrict this plant’s invasive nature – and how to understand the deeper nature of the plant. “

Women, children and men working in harmony and community with the earth.

Local Biodynamic agri-cultural food production for wellbeing in goodwill service for all of existence.

Inspired, multiskilled and broad hearted people developing a mothership for compassion, cooperative, equality and individual freedom

Facilitating havens for planet regeneration and local community integration

“Spirit sleeps in the stones, breathes in the plants, dreams in the animals and awakens in us”

Hindustani Verse

Humanity at a Crossroads

For several centuries, people have become alienated from outer nature, and the evolutionary processes of life, resulting in the pillaging and degradation of Mother Earth.

Dis-ease is rampant and many feel scattered, in turmoil, and unrest in a world that promotes exploitation, separation, exaggerated differences, is materialistic and reductionist. Captives to systems which reduce even the basic qualities of life.

Our aim is to acquire land in the South Devon region in order to build a community inspired by biodynamic agriculture as well as other ancient and modern wisdom in order to regenerate the land grow food for nourishment and healing and to benefit the wider community.

Together we:

  • forge healthy havens for regeneration of our planet and all it harbours
  • prepare the foundations for a joyful future and the harmonious integration of people from all backgrounds with our environment
  • build wholistic archetypes for the renewal of the Social, Cultural and Economic fabric

“This generation may either be the last generation to exist in any semblance of a civilized world or that it will be the first to have the vision, the bearing and the greatness to say, “I will have nothing to do with this destruction of life, I will play no part in this devastation of the land, I am determined to live and work for peaceful construction for I am morally responsible for the world of today and the generations of tomorrow”

Richard St Barbe Baker

Nature is our sacred Home and the Wholistic Living Community is a catalyst for embracing a paradigm in living which honours the natural life cycles and harmoniously serves all of existence.

We are guests on this magical Earth and can only thrive when in harmony with nature and when we take full responsibility for the healing of our natural and cultural  environment.

Others of goodwill are welcome to join us in creating an abundant, multi-professional community that provides and fulfils its essential mission locally and make a positive contribution to the world.

So, if you agree that it’s time to create thriving, healthy and connected communities that nourish the Earth and support each individual to reach their full potential.

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We are custodians, visitors on this Earth and need to take full responsibility for the healing of the soils, natural and cultural, cultivated environments. The Wholistic Living Community manifest the ethos, skills and structure that with the harnessing natural processes directed by rhythms and forces of the cosmos, navigates today’s challenges in health, harmony and joy.

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Contact us and contribute using your talents, skills and/or time or apply to become a friend of the Wholistic Living Community wherever you are.

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