Wholistic Living Community

A kinship of wellbeing for all through joyful service
in the spirit of goodwill

Wholistic Living Community

A kinship of wellbeing for all through joyful service
in the spirit of goodwill



Its journey begins in 2020 London, with the professional experiences, teachings, inspirations and aspirations of kind souls at the College of Natural Medicine. Committed to healing and service to all that is, their impulse journeyed southward to Forest Row, East Sussex, were it met fertile ground in the biodynamic and spiritual, artistic and scientific approach to agriculture, to soil and plant regeneration.

With Lewes ‘around the corner’, Forest Row is the English speaking capital, exemplifying the wholistic and sacred approach to 21st Century challenges, through the many applications of the wisdom of Austrian luminary, Dr. R. Steiner, taught at Emerson College and which is applied in the leading biodynamic farms in that area.




The southern course continued with a telephone call from the southwest in 2021, (ancient druidic heartland) in the Dart River valley. The very land where, verily 100 years ago in 1924, Steiner had given his last lecture cycle in a modest hall in Torquay.
Contemporarily, another visionary, R. Tagore, had been guiding and inspiring a novel social-economic creation and a pioneering art college, imbuing culture and creativity around the ancient land of Totnes. The mythical place where Brutus of Troy, inspired by a dream of Avalon, is said to have journeyed up the Dart, landed in Totnes; bringing with him Mediterranean culture.

Wholistic Living Community begins in the heart of Devon, a timeless seedbed for cultural renewal, and nurtures a community of kindred spirits that is local and that reaches out across the British Isles and beyond.

The Team

Hans-Günther Kern

International lecturer in, and practitioner of, Biodynamic farming, inspiring us to take better care of ourselves and the planet. Visionary leader of sovereignty movements, lover of life and researcher of emergent paradigms.

Manuela Altagracia Murray

Educator, journalist and biodynamic trainee, with academic and professional expertise in economics, law, public relations and executive level political campaigning. Manuela has a passion for caring, hospitality, art, nature and the legacy of Rudolf Steiner – ‘Scientist of the Invisible’.

Wendy Cook

Author, biodynamic cook, mother and former wife of comedian Peter Cook. Wendy’s varied life included entertaining VIPs and small holding in Majorca. She teaches about food, nutrition and biodynamics in an informal and engaging way.

Martin Levien

Jack of all trades, master….
Teacher, within state and waldorf schools of adolescents and adults for 45 years and going!
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Ecology,Geography, Physics, Surveying
Transformation of substance and practical skills therapy: Natural building, carpentry, green-wood turning, kilns and earth ovens, leather work, primitive iron age pit forge
Mandate circle management system leader.

Maat Thornton

A water sommelier, water solutions architect and entrepreneur, educator, speaker and broadcaster on water related issues. Experienced aviator in both military high performance fighter jets and commercial aircraft. Teacher and practitioner of over 20 years in energy arts such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Water therapies.

Yolanda Artiga

A holistic dental hygienist with 30 years’ experience, nutritionist, naturopath and holder of BSc in natural sciences, Yolanda continues studying nutrigenomics and vibrational medicine to round out her in-depth understanding of healing modalities. She brings creativity and curiosity to all tasks from her Spanish roots.

Professional Collaborators

Katherine Beavan MA

accomplished and leading movement therapist

Vince Smith

With joy and a big heart Vince leads this initiative on the ground, working in harmony with the land and sharing his wonderful and essential store of skills and trades as an engineer, multi-skilled, builder and carer of all things practical and handy.

Rachel Stevens

Bio-Dynamic Land Custodian
Working with the homeless, disabled and disadvantaged, Rachel established and managed a university centre in human rights providing advocacy for the marginalised. She has fundraiser for two multi-£million projects, including an extensive international PhD programme. Rachel comes from a farming background and is devoted to organic practices and the therapeutic power of horses.

Konstantina Bileri

Konstantina Bileri is a Steiner class teacher and previously a kindergarten teacher since 2000. At present, she studies biodynamics and is training for a program for traumatised children. Konstantina is a wonderful professional vegetarian and special diet cook.

Professional Consultants

Anton Chernikov

Role : Business & Property
Management Consultant

15+ years of experience in product
design, system architecture &
property management
Studied Architecture at UCL
Founder at House of Transformation
& Exponentials

Mitch Powis

Role: Polanning and Development

With a lifelong career in project development inclusive of operational management, Mitch now works to establish the vision of each individual project, ensuring the correct team of specialist design and deliver at the highest quality, fulfilling world class expectations.
Mitch has developed an in-depth cross Atlantic consulting partnership, currently working at the cutting edge of design and development of new concepts in wellbeing, business technology and concierge services, arts media, adventure sport and travel experiences, in both city and destination resort locations, with a focus on environmental protection and sustainability.

Chris Cook

Role : Legal Design Consultant

Chris has been involved in the legal design and regulation of markets, enterprises, organisations and financial instruments for 25 years, including as a director of a global energy exchange. Since 2011 he has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security at University College London where he has researched and developed simple effective Financial Technology (Fintech) to enable resources to be mobilised on any scale.

Advisory Board

Beatrice Birch​

Hauschka Artistic Therapist

Founder/Executive Director​ of Innerfire, a proactive healing community striving individuals the choice to recover from debilitating and traumatic life situations.

Emily Scott Bolton

‘Biochemist and Yoga teacher dedicated to planetary protection as an expression of our innate Divinity’.